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Can we just take a moment to talk about Doug’s concerns about Lilly?

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someone write the twdg clan coming across tommy’s compound in tlou i need it

Lee was starting to lose hope. Clementine, ever observant of her caretaker, had noticed it start to take hold last week, after Ben fell in a clicker nest. It wasn’t obvious to the others just yet, but she could see it in the way he moved, walked, looked. He would always perk up a bit whenever she showed him her latest drawing or when she told him stories about what she and Molly did while he was busy scavenging. He would smile, and then hug her, and if he was in a particularly good mood, he would tell her stories about his little brother or give her a brief lesson on some historical fact (Clementine usually humored him when he started on the history lessons, even if they were pretty neat). And for awhile, things were okay.

That seemed to happen less and less often the further into the wilderness they went. Kenny’s grumbling about heading back to the coast to find a boat like they originally planned was growing louder and louder, as was Lilly’s snarky comebacks to Kenny’s grumbling. Lee and Katjaa would separate and calm them, but even they had their limits, and everyone’s patience grew shorter the more their supplies dwindled.

By the end of the second week, while traveling across a shallow river, Clementine could tell it was all but gone, and she worried for him.

"I can’t fuckin’ believe this—where are we even fucking going?" Kenny muttered, stumbling a little across the slick river rocks before catching his balance. Duck giggled on his shoulders, kicking his legs a little. "Dammit, Duck, hold still. Lee, where are we anyway?"

"The sign back there said Wyoming. Maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll find one of these ‘Firefly’ outposts and set up with them." The words sounded hollow even to Lee, but he squeezed Clementine’s hand, careful to keep her balanced on his back so she didn’t fall into the icy river. Clementine smiled back at him, confident he’d get them somewhere safe.

"I’d settle for food. And a warm place to sleep. Gotta say, I’m not that much of a fan for cold camps," Omid said, stumbling through the river current with Christa’s help. He slid, nearly fell, and was caught by Christa who helped him back on his feet. He gave her a winning smile, "Thanks, babe."

"No one’s a fan of those camps," Lilly said, keeping her rifle ready. They’d been hounded by bandits, hunters and infected ever since they left the east coast, and she was not going to let her guard down for a second. "But you remember what happened when we tried to light a fire last week. Clementine nearly got shot."

That was true. Clementine still heard ringing in her ear from the sound of the gunshot, and she had a tiny cut along her cheek from where the bullet grazed her. The response from the rest of the group had been swift and deadly—she hadn’t seen Lee that furious since the St. John’s dairy incident—and the hunters had been taken care of. The group had elected for a cold camp each night after that, just to play it safe.

Lee helped Clementine off of his shoulders, frowning at the memory, “Let’s keep going everyone.” Then, to Clementine, offering her his hand, “Stay close, sweet pea.”

Clementine took his hand, worried by how tired he looked. ”Okay, Lee.”


They had found…something. Lights, actual lights, glittered in the distance, and the wind carried sounds and scents of a life all of them once knew and could no longer remember. Clementine could smell popcorn, barbeque, and woodsmoke all the way up here on their little cliff above the town. Below them, she could just barely hear the sound of children playing over the sound of the river they had crossed not long ago. The group had fallen silent, shocked by the sounds and scents of actual civilization.

"Holy shit, Lee, you were right!" Omid beamed at Lee and gave him a friendly backslap.

Lee stared, dumbfounded and hopeful, but wary all the same. He didn’t react to Omid’s backslap; he simply squeezed Clementine’s hand before letting it go to edge closer to the cliff face and look on below.

"Aw, dammit, someone’s comin’ in on a damn horse—" Kenny said, pushing Duck and Katjaa behind him and reaching for a weapon. "Lee, you wanna deal with this guy for us?"

"Put the damn gun down before you get us all shot, asshole." Lilly said, scowling at Kenny. "Lee, go ahead. We’ll cover you from here."

Lee nodded, then raised a hand in greeting to the rider working his way up to the cliff, and was relieved when the greeting was returned. Eventually, he stopped a short distance away, smiling at them and patting his snorting horse. The man was tall, athletic, well fed, with dirty blonde hair and a goatee that was just starting to turn grey at the roots. When he spoke, his voice was thick with a distinctly southern Texas accent.

"Maria was right; I didn’t figure we’d ever find us a group of strays on this side of the compound." He considered them for a moment, then frowned. "Boy, you folks look like ten miles of bad road."

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